Greek FinMin: No Power Cuts to Those Proving Unable To Pay Property Tax – No Deadline for Corrections

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The Greek Finance Ministry was forced to issue another corrective notice after the outcry against the orders to cut off the power to those electricity subscribers who have not paid the emergency property tax. According to a FinMin statement, there will be no power cut offs to those who can prove that they are financially unable to pay the extra taxes. Further the FinMin stated that there has not be a deadline (Friday, Jan 20/2012) for those seeking to correct miscalculations in the emergency property tax amount or seek exemption or reduction. The news about the deadline has been in the news since last week….

The FinMin statement says that Evangelos Venizelos has given strict and clear instructions to state power company DEH. [I hope, he gave instructions to private power providers as well. Or will we need another circular?]

“The conclusion of the statement is: No household should considere to be at risk of interruption to electricity supply because they haven’t paid the emergency property tax, if they have requested to  be placed under exemption, reduction or adjustment and they can effectively prove their inability to  pay. “

The circular came most probably not only because of the harsh reaction from the union of workers at the state power company DEH, civic movements and several mayors. But also because, coalition government partner, conservative Nea Dimokratia categorically opposed power cuts in financial bankrupt households. 

Alone in 2012, Greek taxpayers and property onwers have to pay 1) the second installement of emergency property tax for 2011 2) the E.P.T for 2012 and 3) one E.P.T. installment for 2013. For an owner of a 100 sq.m. flat in an average value zone in Athens the total amount could be 2,000 EUR in additional taxes only for 2012.

PS1 oops, my cat had been hiding a 100-euro banknote under her tail! Glad I can finally come up for the taxation of one window, the bathroom door and the left corner of my kitchen!

 PS2 Have I told you already, that I’m totally fed up with this issue? Seven months and still corrections, circulars and confusion. tststs…