What’s Up in Greece on Jan 19/12?

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The PSI is up today, with Greek media claiming that the agreement between the Greek side and the private creditors on the “haircut” of the Greek bonds “to be a matter of hours”. Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos allegedly is going to call the coalition party leaders for a meeting. Papademos will apparently sermonize Socialist Papandreou, Conservative Samaras and far-right Karatzaferis on governance issues and support. Since the three-party coalition government came into power last November, PASOK is lost in the fog of the new party leader, Nea Dimokratia plays the opposition role although in the government and LAOS threatens to leave the coalition at least on weekly basis. Papademos will also brief them on the PSI talks.

With Troika representatives in Athens pulling the ears of defiant Greeks, the ‘haircut’ in wages of the private sector seem inevitable. Supplementary pensions are expected to undergo a generous haircut as well, although the money has been paid cent by cent by the people for at least 25 years. Does anyone know,  which constitution provides that people’s money can been stolen?

PAME, the trade union of Greek Communist Party interrupted the wages-cuts talks between employers and the union umbrella for the private sector GSEE on Wednesday. Some 100 PAME members occupied the GSEE building and forced negotiators to go home. 

Greek police has cracked down four criminal loan-sharks gangs  that have been operating n Northern Greece in the area of Thessaloniki for more than ten years. During a press conference on Thursday morning, police said that 53 people have been arrested with charges of illegal moneylending, blackmail, fraud, extortion and moneylaundering, while 10 more gang members are still on the run. Among the arrested are “respected” members of the local society like one journalist working for the state television, one tax official from Financial Crimes Units (SDOE), one policeman, lawyers, some bank managers and soccer players. “The four criminal gangs have contacts to each other and have been victimizing  also the same people” the police said speaking of criminal activities trafficking many millions of euro.

Talking about rings… In one of the biggest Pan-European EUROPOL operations against child pornography via the internet, Greek police arrested nine people in Athens, Piraeus, Arta and Iraklio (Crete), while there are legal procedures against five more. Eight of the arrested are Greek, one is French. According to Greek media, among the 14 people involved in the case are “diplomats, an army officer, a school-bus driver” and several businessmen. In the operation called IKARUS that lasted three months, several hundred people have been arrested across Europe.

A homeless man, 64, died in Chandra Sitias on the island of Crete. The man had been using an abandoned house as shelter. According to local media, the man  died due to the cold weather front.

In Volos, central Greece, several real estate owners offered shelter to dozens of homeless people of the area as temperatures are icy low all through the week. Humanity and compassion in hard times…

The cold weather front will stay in Greece until Saturday.