What’s Up in Greece on Feb 7/12?

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Strike and Protests, ultimatums and tough decisions, torrential rains and floods, heavy snowfalls and icy cold. Politics, economy, austerity and weather have built a front against us.

PM Lucas Papademos is reportedly to forward at 12 noon a mini Memorandum of Understanding to the three political leaders of the parties forming the coalition government. At the moment we write his post the time-schedule scenarios speak of  Papademos-leaders meeting after 5 pm (it was originally set for 4 pm), later a  cabinet meeting. Papademos would address the Greeks via TV. These scenarios could be valid in case the political leaders agree on the new loan agreement. Otherwise, the Troika would meet separately each political leaders.

The Troikameeting with Papademos, Finance Minister Venizelos and Labour Minister Koutroumanis ended at 3 in the morning. (source)

Greek media report of sharp cuts even in main pensions and social benefits, private sector wages, health, and defence. PASOK spokesman said that new additional measures will come in June.

Greece’s European partners consider the idea of creating a special account in order to set aside bailout funds for Greece in a special account to cover interest payments on its massive debt. In a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Nicolas Sarkozy suggested an escrow account be created into which part of bailout funds would be funnelled specifically and only to service interest on Greek debt. Eurogroup head Jean-Claude Juncker does not reject the German-French proposal.

Greece is paralyzed today due to the 24-hour strike of the public and private sector unions ADEDY and GSEE. Protesters have already started to gather outside the Parliament at Syntagma Square. Anti-austerity demonstrations are held also in Thessaloniki and other big cities.

Police has ordered that Athens Metro stations ‘Syntagma’ and ‘Evanglismos’ will be closed to avoid possible riots inside the stations. The metro trains will just pass through the stations.

Torrential rains with thunder and lightning hit Athens last night flooding main avenues and causing power cuts for several hours. Strong rainfall hit also other parts of the country like Peloponnese and Dodecanese, flooding houses, shops and agricultural areas, causing power cuts.

The heavy rainfall did not hinder several hundreds members of left-wing SYRIZA, Communist party KKE and Indignant Greeks to hold their  planned protests. However the demonstrations fell short due to weather.
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A British mother of two, 40, found a tragic death on the island of Symi when she was swept by the waters of a rushing stream.

Greece declared state of  emergency in the Evros prefecture, North-East Greece, after days of heavy rainfall and a burst dam in Bulgaria. 

The Troika is ticking, Greece’s debt lcock is ticking, the society is ticking. I hope there will not be any ugly explosion…