What’s Up in Greece on Feb 22/12?

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Protests are up in Greece today, outside the Greek Parliament. Police started as early as 6.30 in the morning to set up iron barriers to prohibit protesters to come close to the Parliament and the Monument of Unknown Soldier. The protest rally, organized by public and private sector unions, will start at 4 pm. Unions and other interest groups will protest wages and pensions cuts. Bills that will pass through the Parliament in fast-track procedures for fast-track impoverishment fo the Greek society.


photo: NewsIt

Pensioners could not wait until the afternoon and took to the streets in the morning, outside the Labour Ministry.

Papademos government is running against time to pass three important bills through the Parliament until February 29. The bills refer to PSI, wages and pensions cuts and cuts in the health sector.

Then Greece can attend the Euro zone summit scheduled for March 1-2 with the confidence that it has complied with the Troika’s demands for the new  loan agreement.

Wages and pensions cuts will start as soon as possible. Moreover in April some 64,000 civil servants with temporary work contracts will see their wages being cut retrospective as from November 1, 2011. Some families will not have Eastern, only a permanent Holy  Week.

The public invitation for participation in the Greek Bond Swap (PSI) will be announced on upcoming Friday.

Scenario: Parliamentary elections may take place in the first week of May. According to Papademos coalition government agreement, elections should have taken place on Feb 19….

Six MPs from socialist PASOK asked the Parliament speaker to make public the name of the MP who sent abroad one million euro in May 2011.

In Patras, farmers started to distribute potatoes, cabbage and eggs free of charge. A symbolic action to protest revenue losses. Four tons of potatoes ‘disappeared’ within 15 minutes.

Employees at the insurance funds launch a work stoppage today, from 12 noon to 3 pm. They oppose mergers in some insurance funds.

The scheme for the supplementary pensions is being radically changed. It will create three-speed pensioners. The Labour Minister will have the right to cut them if the funds have not enough money. There is no reduction in the people’s contributions. Powerful ministers by the Grace of Memorandum…

Hospital doctors will be on strike tomorrow, Feb 23. Only emergencies will be treated.

The Anonymous hacked again the website of the Greek Justice Ministry. In a message they demand the release of the three high-school students (aged 16, 17 and 18) who were arrested by the Greek police for hacking the website of JM. Anonymous claim further that it was them who launched the cyber attack on Feb 3/12.

Greek police is seeking a criminal of Albanian nationality for the robbery at the Museum of Ancient Olympia. The thieves were two men.

The government gave an extension to the legalisation of illegal building. Until June 30, 2012.

Athens Stock Exchange seems unable to recover. The General Index is at -2.34% at 11.40 am.