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Explosive Device Found at Athens Metro

Greek Anti-Terror police is currently examining the security cameras of the Athens Metro and investigates the dangerous package on fingerprints and DNA material, after an explosive device was found at the Metro station “Aigaleo” at 6 pm on Saturday evening.  The package was found at the last wagon of the train by the driver at the end station of the Metro Line 3 and when the passengers had already left the wagons. The driver, who was inspecting the metro wagons before starting the next course to Athens airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”, immediately called the police.

According to a police statement, the explosive device was consisting of a 2-liter inflammable fluid, eight batteries, a clock, wires and a switch. The clock and the batteries were placed into a taper ware, the whole device was transferred in a plastic bag. Greek media report, that the clock was connected to the mechanism, but most probably the connection was not correct.

A senior officer from Greek police (ELAS) told newspaper TO VIMA that the police came to the conclusion that the bomb was transferred by a stranger to Aigaleo station or one to two stations before. The fact that the bomb was found by the driver and not a passenger leads us to believe that most likely the carrier took off at the Aigaleo station. It  is obvious that the bomb was intended for the subway. That’s because if he had intended to carry the bomb through the subway for another goal, we believe that the bomb would have a different packaging. Furthermore our investigation showed that nothing happened at the metro that would have forced him to leave the bomb there.”

The police investigates whether such a mechanism has been used in the past by local terror-organisations.

So far, no organization claimed responsibility for the explosive device that has set in alarm the police. Should the bomb have been exploded it would have harmed innocent metro passengers.

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