Athens: Teargas at Protesters Gathered to Commemorate Victim of Economic Crisis

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Greek police fired tear gas at demonstrators who gathered outside the parliament to commemorate the pensioner pharmacist who committed suicide on Wednesday morning – just a few meters away. Protesters chanted slogans against the government and some of them hurled smoke granades, stones and bitter organges at the riot policemen. They threw stunn granades and fired tear gas.


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Greek media speak of hundreds of demonstrators who flocked outside the Parliament and Syntagma Square to commemorate the man who committed suicide in order to “find a decent end before start searching for food in the garbage” as the pharmacist wrote in a hand-written note found in his pocket.

The spontaneous protest was organized via social media like Facebook and Twitter, where users were calling people to “pay a tribute to those who fell on the alter of the loan agreements.”

Dozens of Greeks put flowers, candles and messages full of outrage at the tree where the desperate man ended his life with a bullet on his head.


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Suicides and attempted suicides registered a sharp increase of 22% in the last three years of deep recession and continuous income decreases.