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IMF Claims, it is “Depply Saddened” by the Suicide of Christoulas

The bloodsuckers of International Monetary Fund claim to be “deeply saddened” about retired pharmacist Dimitris Christoulas, 77, committing suicide a few meters away from the Greek Parliament. One could ask the IMF to define why it was saddened:


a) Christoulas did not put an end to his life alone at home, as did more than 1,000 Greeks since the beginning of the IMF-austerity but turn it into a political suicide? 

 b) Christoulas did not quitely starve to death as many Greeks do?

” The International Monetary Fund on Thursday said it was “deeply saddened” by the dramatic suicide of Greek retiree who reportedly blamed the government’s austerity measures.

The 77-year-old man, a retired pharmacist, shot himself dead yesterday in front of the Greek parliament in Athens, touching off protests against the government’s economic policies under an IMF-European Union bailout package.

“What I’d like to say is we’re deeply saddened to learn of any death in these circumstances, and just to express our sympathies,” IMF spokesman Gerry Rice said at a regularly scheduled news briefing.

Rice provided no other comment on the suicide that has shaken Greece.

The suicide took place in Syntagma Square, which for two years has been the main rallying point for protests against austerity measures designed to haul Greece from its fiscal crisis.

According to media reports, the pensioner left a suicide note saying government austerity cuts had “wiped out” his pension and left him in poverty.

Asked whether Greek legislative elections in May could spell uncertainty for the bailout program, the IMF spokesman said it was an opportunity for voters to throw their weight behind reforms.

“This type of uncertainty is always present when countries hold elections,” Rice said. “The elections are an important opportunity to gain a mandate.” (AFP)

PS I don’t dare even to imagine, that future IMF’s programmes and austerity measures would forbid elections in countries receiving IMF loans.

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  1. I don’t dare even to imagine, that future IMF’s programmes and austerity measures would forbid elections in countries receiving IMF loans.

    If I remember right: they do and it was a discussion point back in 2010. There seems to be a rule that there has to be a stable outlook, politically speaking, for at least a year before funds can be made available. In the case of Greece, the Fund is not living by it’s own rules. Or maybe they are arguing that the MoU-2 is just an extension of the MoU-1?

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    such a lovely day… going for my dynamic walking rounds, 7 km instead of 10 due to MoU-3

  3. iaourti iaourtaki

    I’m jealous!
    I’ve never been to Greece in spring time, never have seen fireworks at Easter and my mom’s true love was Greece and she always told me that in spring it’s sweetest.
    Looks like again i won’t make it in spring but the plan is scheduled for September trying to wander on my old paths, like years ago when i’ve been very often in September in Greece. Since middle of the eighties this song was one of my top 5 favourites for quite a long time:

  4. No-one actually forces Greece to take the IMF loans. Or you just want the money but not the strings attached?

  5. Ah, good to see you are in a healthy mood. Those 3km extra will burn of a lot of calories and fat 😉

  6. keeptalkinggreece

    7 do the job too lol

  7. iaourti iaourtaki

    68% didn’t wanted that money that never came.
    Go ask the desperate and hungry and the thousands of victims of forced suicides if they’ve seen any of it. What strings? The strings of the hung & the puppets?
    Isn’t the IMF an asocial-democratic rapist organisation and now they have a brand new mutant as pimp who is not seeing that she has no rights to talk into European/Greek relations?

  8. And will the IMF give back the money owed to his widow. I think not because they are heartless money launderers

  9. On the other hand: the Greek governments of the last decades could have chosen NOT to pillage the social security funds, spend more than half a billion on the political parties, or tomorrow parliament could vote against giving themselves another 30 million euro for saving their ‘democracy’.
    Especially that last one is probably one of the biggest middle fingers politicians have EVER given to their citizens. It’s a pure chutzpah.

  10. I totally agree with AntonisX we cannot change the past but we can damn well move forward and change the future.
    To think that giving so much money to political parties is obscene in this climate.
    Also would like to ask, although not related, why the Greek national football manager is worth 650,000 euros ?