Is Solution for Greece a SPIEGEL-FOCUS-BILD Government?

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It is a common accepted reality that mass media have an inclination to sensationalism. German weekly SPIEGEL got together “Five Horror-Scenarios for Athens” amid political instability due to failed coalition government talks,  the perspective of a left anti-bailout government and international threats for Euro exit.  To the wishful thinking of SPEIGEL belongs also the scenario that repeat elections would result in a strong ND-PASOK government even thought public surveys conducted after May-6 elections show increasing support for SYRIZA. And further decline for conservative Nea Dimocratia and socialist PASOK.

 Ghost of Euro Exit

“Without sustainable government there would be no EU/ECB/IMF aid” predicts DER SPIEGEL quoting statements of German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble. The magazine continues with the hazardous scenario of euro exit and unprecedented social unrest.

In an effort to enlist all the possible plagues for Greece, DER SPIEGEL picks up the best Horror scenario ever:  the possibility of a military coup d’ etat.

5.  Can there be a military coup?

“If Greece is out of the euro, everything can happen – including a military dictatorship,” warns scientist Heribert Dieter of the SWP [???]. However Greek military, which managed a dictatorship in  Greece 1967-1974 , is currently weak. Early November 2011 then Socialist defense minister replaced the entire army top in a surprise coup. They had rebelled against the radical reduction of armaments programs. However, it is quite conceivable that the military would intervene during prolonged unrest – and thus it would be a power factor again.” (Whole article in German) )

“Before that, somebody should give the Greek military gasoline money in order to be able to have the tanks rolling….” I would add.

Maybe the solution for Greece would be a coalition government consisting of editors in chief from SPIEGEL, FOCUS  and BILD newspaper.

As FinMin Wolfgang Schaeuble will most likely head the Euro- group, the post of the Greek prime minister could be occupied by any of the Greek-friendly German experts – I do not add names and links here due to a sudden aversion attack.

As for the cabinet, oh, there are enough candidates from Denmark, Holland, Austria, Finland etc.