Greeks to Get A Technocrats’ Government Or Just Fresh Elections?

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The meeting between Antonis Samaras (ND), Evangelos Venizelos (PASOK) and Fotis Kouvelis (DEMOCRATIC LEFT) with the President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias ended on Monday evening one hour after it started. The three leaders left the Presidential Mansion without any statements and leaving Greeks puzzling.

Papoulias had summoned the three leaders in a last effort to form a unity government and avoid repeat elections the earliest in three weeks.

But here is Greece and Greek realities shows that any “last” can be extended.

Right after the meeting some Greek journalists claimed that the president and the three leaders did not achieved an agreement and that they would convene again tomorrow Tuesday with the participation of  INDEPENTENT GREEKS leader Panos Kammenos.

Leaders’ Statements

However, Evangelos Venizelos (PASOK) made a statement saying that there will be a broader parties meeting tomorrow where the leaders of ND, PASOK, SYRIZA, DEMLEFT, INDEP GREEKS and KKE will be asked whether they support a government consisted of “technocrats personalities” -most likely from outside the political parties.

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In statement Kouvelis (DEMLEFT) said that the attempts to form a unity government failed. He told Papoulias that a technocrats’ government would be equal to a defeat of politics.” Kouvelis instists on an ecumenical government.

Samaras (ND)said … well, first of all he attacked Kouvelis for not supporting a 3-party government without SYRIZA lol Samaras made a reference to Kammenos proposal from Sunday – forgot right now lol – At the end Samaras expressed reservations about a technocrats government.  “First we have to seek politicians and then technocrats,” he said.

Next meeting of political leaders with the president will take place at 2 pm tomorrow, Tuesday.

Should all possible options to form a government fail, the president will call repeat elections that could take place the earliest in three weeks.

PS As I didn’t hear enough support for a technocrats’ government and I assume that neither SYRIZA nor KKE would support such an idea either, I see a short-life government with a judge assigned as PM to lead the country to elections.

I think the only one supporting a technocrats’ government is Venizelos….