Golden Dawn MP Kasidiaris To Sue Those Who “Incited” Him to Punch…

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 Ilias Kasidiaris, the MP of extreme-right party who punched a Communist MP and threw water to a left-wing MP, will sue those physically and morally responsible for the incident. In a statement published at the website of Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn), Kasidiaris wrote that he regrets “for being personally and involuntarily involved in an ussue aiming to disorient the public opinion and whose main purpose was to politically undermine Chrysi Avgi.” He blames Justice authorities for biased treatment of the case, police for immediate mobilization “while Greek citizens are deprived from it”, the media and the publishers “for demanding and heralding his prosecution.”

       Kasidiaris’ Statement

“The events that took place the morning of last Thursday on ANT1 were directed with the sole purpose of challenging an extreme reaction on my part. I personally regret that  without my will I was involved in the case of  disorientation of public opinion, whose main purpose was to politically harm Chrysi Avgi.”

I was surprised by the immediate awareness of certain judicial officers in television time, and the mass mobilization of police, the luxury of daily intervention is denied to Greek citizens.

“I am not surprised by the provocative behavior of specific big-scale journalists and publishers who did not hesitate to demand and to herald my prosecution, even before it decided by the competent bodies.

Justice must and should remain sober, away from principals and agents, from foreign interests and political considerations. I chose to remain silent for 48 hours because I did not want to give pleasure to the TV-channels to pillory again, presenting the picture of my transfer, handcuffed, to the Prosecutor.

“We go straight to the prosecution in person in order to sue those physical responsible and moral instigators, responsible for illegal acts committed against me during the last two days.

“Above all, however, I let everything up to the irrefutable crisis of the Greek people. A folk that ignoring the dirty propaganda of the entire system stands now even more heavily on the side of Greek Nationalists in the Golden Dawn. ” (source:

Should Kasidiaris seek the prosecutor, he will not be arrested due to the expiration of the 48-hours ‘caught in offence’.

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