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This Summer’s Hottest Day: 42° C in Athens

Today is this summer’s hottest day: temperatures are expected to climb up to 42 degrees Celsius in Athens. In the shadow. However in the sun, in public buses without air-condition, near the bakery’s oven or close to the charcoal grill of a souvlaki grill the thermometer can climb much higher.

 Pigeon Taking a bath in fountain – Syntagma Sq

During the noon hours, temperature inside a public bus filled with passengers can reach even 45-46° C, I saw yesterday in a report broadcast by ALPHA TV. In front of a charcoal grill, the thermometer showed …49° C!

Tourist in Athens

Heat, humidity and smog make living and working in Athens and Thessaloniki unbearable.

Thessaloniki: Teaching a dog to drink water from a bottle

Many residents seek the nearby beaches early in the morning or after the sunset when the atmosphere is more pleasant.

The heat wave will flow down to 39 °C tomorrow Friday but over the week end 40° C will make us melt again. It is expected to last until beginning of next week.

Keep Calm and Stay Cool!



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