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Greece in Heat Wave Grip Until Monday; Temperatures 39-43° C (nice cooling pcts)!

The heat wave that has Greece in its grip since one week is going to continue over the weekend and reach its peak on Monday, with mercury predicted to “hit” reach 39-43 degrees Celsius.

Syntagma Square: Tourists looking at dogs cooling down in the fountain

On Saturday, the thermometer is expected to climb  38-39° C and 40° C in the East of the country.

On Sunday, temperature will rise to 41° C in the continental areas, with the option of  42° C.

Splish-splash they are taking a bath

Monday will be the worst day of this heat wave: in the South and the East as well as in Attica (Athens) the Mercury will break this summer’s record with locally 43° C, while the rest of the country will suffer with an average of 42° C.

My source told me that the strays of Syntagma were staying way from the fountain that had dirty water. Once municipality workers cleaned it on Friday (July 13/12) and fresh water started to flow, the dogs immediately jumped it for a cooling bath.

Authorities on Alert


Environment and Health ministry have issued recommendations for the public, urging “vulnerable” groups (elderly, ill, children) to avoid going outdoors, especially during the noon and early afternoon hours. Athens Municipality has opened several cooling centres for the public.

The air pollution with high ozone levels  remains in critical level, putting the icing (?) on the top of this heat wave.

Weather forecast predicts drop of the temperatures as of Tuesday (July 17/2012) as north winds will be blowing with 6 to 8 Beaufort.

Until then, stay calm and keep cool with lots of water!

The prolonged heat wave is the worst of this year.

KTG article: Survival Guide during Heat Wave

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