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Athens Suburb: Why Was a Municipality Police Chief Arrested?

Greek authorities finally caught the responsible for the huge Greek debt: the head of a municipality police in one of the Northern suburbs of Athens. The man was arrested for allegedly embezzlement. The police chief was  filling with gasoline his own motorcycle registering the bill to a municipality police.. motorcycle.

“Police in Attica on Thursday arrested the head of a municipal police unit for allegedly embezzling local authorities of large quantities of gasoline ostensibly for a municipal motorcycle but that he actually used to cover his own transport costs.

Officers of the police’s internal affairs unit said they detained the man after catching him filling his personal motorcycle with gasoline at a gas station used to fill municipal vehicles.

The unidentified officer, who is alleged to have been logging the gasoline he used under expenses for a municipal motorcycle that has been off the road for years, faced a prosecutor on Thursday on charges of making false statements and embezzlement.

There was no indication about the sum the officer is alleged to have embezzled.”(ekathimerini)

How many liters of gasoline were illegally filled? How much money was spent? it was not said as it was not reveale for which municipality the man who caused the Greek state to go bankrupt.

Slowly but gradually Greece clears the state from “frausters”. One day, they may catch also the real big heads 🙂 

When impunity and corruption prevail and control and morals mechanisms fail, the game for the public sector is lost. And things can get only worse given the wages, allowance and benefits cuts…

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