Rhodes: Pensioner Deprived of Oxygen-Supply due to Insurance Fund Debts to Supplier

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 A cry of agony, an appeal for urgent help comes from the island of Rhodes. A chronic-ill pensioner with damaged lungs has been deprived from life-supporting oxygen by the supplier. Emmanuil Taktikopoulos, 92, pensioner from Farmer’s Fund OGA  impeached that the supplier took away the oxygen delivering machine because of OGA-debts to the supplier.

In a letter to local media “The Democratic online” and “Channel4 of Rhodes” and in a sharp language the desperate asked adviced from the “the judicial and amdinistrative authorities of Rhodes society” on what do to.

“Please, advice me how to resist to the nation-killing fraudsters who dissolved the country with the purpose to decrease the Greek population through abandoning the aging patients,” the frustrated man wrote in his open letter to local authorities.

“The supplier  took away the oxygen-machine because he was not paid by my insurance fund, OGA with the effect that I am suffering from chronic breathing problem due to my lungs damage and thus when temperatures are reaching 38-40 degrees Celsius.”

Taktikopoulos’ monthly pension of just 300 euro makes it impossible for him and apparently for his family to pay for the oxygen-machine from their own pockets.

Emmanouil Taktikopoulos

 “The deprivation of the oxygen-machine condemns me to certain death!!

It is not possible with a non-existent “excessive” pension of 300 euro a month and no “regional” social benefits to behave like a beggar and pay for renting the machine!”

Taktikopoulos needs oxygen supply 16 hours per day. Currently he finds a slight comfort with oxygen-masks for children. In case of emergency he has to seek the hospital emergency. The patient, his family and friends are close to a nervous breakdown.

Speaking to Channel 4 of Rhodes  Taktikopoulos said that his lunge damage was caused by the work he was doing. A family member, said that they contacted the OGA local branch that claimed to have no idea. The family was advised to call OGA headquarters in Athens. There the family was informed that “indeed the insurance funds had debts to suppliers” and that “there was nothing OGA could do”.

Depriving him from life-saving oxygen is something that the aging man described in his letter as “violation of  the Greek Constitution” that determines all citizens are equal and consequently deserve equal treatment.

“I strongly protest because I feel that I am not equal among the other Greek citizens, as it is determined by the Constitution.”

“The tone of my protest is the consequence of the lack of respect the state shows toards the elerdely citizens…” Emanouil Taktikopoulos concluded his letter. (Source: Zougla.gr )

UPDATE: Jul 28/2012: A local businessman, the owner of medical equipment store “Charitos” made the much needed charity move and donated Taktikopoulos an oxygen-machine, for as long as “he’d need it”.

A big Bravo to Mr. Charitos for this generous and compansionate donation!