Greece to Molibilze Policemen in order to Combat Crime and Illegal Immigration

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Several thousands Greek policemen will be mobilized in order to combat the dramatically increasing of crime and illegal immigration, it was announced by Minister for Citizen Protection Nikos Dendias. On Monday he said, that he has given orders so that 1,500 policemen available for the security of persons and other potential targets to be transferred to new posts in order to boost public security. “100 vehicles and 60 motorcycles will be released for this purpose,” Minister Nikos Dendias said.

Further he announced that 1,800 border guards will be assigned to Evros, Greece’s North-Eastern border with Turkey, in order to combat illegal immigration. the units will be supported by 26 new guard boats.

“We try to ‘seal’ the Evros river, our target is to stop Greece’s from being a place where everyone does whatever he wants [literally unfenced vineyard],” Dendias told reporters on Monday.

The minister expressed his concern to the developments in Syria as they could create a new migration wave to Greece via Turkey.