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Daily Archives: August 1, 2012

EOPYY Phone-Number for Doctors’ Appointment To Change as of August 6/2012

The telephone number of National Organisation for Health Care Services (EOPYY) is due to change as of August 6, 2012. Instead of <184> insurers will have to call <14884> or <14900>. At the same time the phone call fees will be raised from 0,03€ per call now to 1,08 euro for …

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Crete: Jobless Father of 7 Arrested for State Debt of Swirling 5,000 Euro

It’s always the easy and vulnerable target that pays the price. It’s always the weak and defenseless who gets to feel the rigid face of the law. Whether it’s called “austerity”, “state revenues”, “fill the state pockets”, “pay back lenders” or generalized “structural reforms”.  In Iraklio, Crete, the easy target was a father …

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Greece Becomes the Bogeyman for US-Voters in Anti-Obama Campaigns

That’s really ridiculous! As if we, Greeks, had not enough problems trying to cope with anti-Greece publications on international media, now we are used in the US presidential elections. In fact we are misused and exploited and turn into a scapegoat by anti-Obama Republican campaigners, to serve their own political purposes and …

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Greece(22.5%) and Spain(24.8%) Lead in EU and EZ Unemployment

Greek’s never ending Calvary: Unemployment. Every month, a new record. Unemployment reached 22.5% in April  – in comparison 21.9% a month earlier and 16.2% a year earlier. According to Eurostat, Greece has the second-highest unemployment rate within the European Union, after Spain that sadly leads with 24.8% (June data). However Greeks …

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