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Another Heat Wave Hits Greece (4-8 Aug/2012)

Get together with bathing suits, sun umbrellas and high protection creams and move to the nearest beach,  as soon as possible. Another heat wave is about to occupy Greece from August 4th to 8th, 2012. According to the forecasts by weather girls and boys, temperatures are expected to reach even 42 degrees Celsius in the shadow.

Thermometers will ‘flirt’ with 40° C Saturday and Sunday, they will ‘kiss’ 40° C on Monday and they will ‘explode’ to 42° C on Tuesday and Wednesday.

A cooling breeze is not expected before Thursday.

BTW: Did you know that the destilled water form air-conditioning gives the beauty treatment to your plants? A friend told me so, I applied it and indeed. I can’t but admire the intensive green and healthy leaves. A real miracle on my south balcony,  when every summer, the heat waves claim the lives of several plants.

A/C water is good for ironing clothes too. However I prefer gardening to ironing 🙂

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