Juncker: “Some Greek Newspapers See Merkel as Late Heiress of the Nazis”

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Is this some kind of avantgarde humor from Luxembourg? The country’s prime minister and head of the Euro group, Jean Claude Juncker told German public broadcaster WDR, that “some Greek newspapers treat German chancellor Angela Merkel as if she were the successor of the Nazis.

Juncker was speaking about Greece when he called eurozone members to be careful with in dealing with each other, and two weeks before his visit to Athens, he felt the need to protect the debt-ridden citiznes.

Many in Germany, including some of the press, “talk about Greece in a way as if the people were not worthy of respect. That’s not the case, ” Juncker told WDR.

“The Greeks really suffer from the consequences of the crisis and the crisis measures that have to be taken. And the Greeks, very often in their BILD-newspapers, they treat the Chancellor,  as if she was the late heiress of the Nazis.”

Jean Claude Junkcer spoke also about a Greek exit from the euro zone, saying it would be “manageable” but not “desirable”.

“That’s not to say it would be a desirable occurrence because it would be linked to considerable risks, above all for the average person in Greece.”

“Now of course you can say, I do not really care what happens to the average Greeks, what happens with the small people, who are many in Greece.  But I do care, I do care about what to the mountain farmers in Greece.”

Asked whether Greece could, in theory, drop out of the 17-nation single currency bloc in two days’ time, Juncker denied that would happen, adding: “In any case not before the end of autumn, and not even then.”

PS What did Juncker say? Greek euro exit could theoretically happen at the end of autumn? I believe, he should follow his own advise. Juncker told WDR “some people in Europe should keep their mouths shut”.

Full Juncker interview transcirpt in German Here ; News source in English AFP via Business Recorder