Interested in Buying a Greek Port? Samaras Government Transfers Rights of 23 Ports & Marinas

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Are you interested in operating a Greek port? You could slowly start to scratch your money together because Greece is readying to make them available to those willing to invest in the debt-ridden country. 23 Greek ports and touristic ports (marinas) will pass from Greek hands to investors’ willing to operate them. The government plans even a one-stop-shop to attract buyers. As the settlement of the labyrinth bureaucracy would certainly need some time, the Finance Ministry decided to transfer the right of the ports to Greek Privatization Agency (TAIPED)- as a first step.

In a statement issued on Monday,  the Finance Ministry published the names of the ports that would come under the hammer as the country struggles to fill its debt’s gaps through privatizations. The ministry transferred to :

These ports and tourist ports:
Zakynthos, Katakolon, Tourlos/Mykonos, Chios, Pylos/Messinia, New Epidaurus, Glyfada, Poros, Skiathos, Skyros, Agios Nikolaos/Crete, Itea, Phocis, Kalamaria (Aretsou), Kos, Alimos, Hydra, Rethymno, Rhodes (Mandraki and Akantia) , Suda and Argostoli.

TAIPED get the permission to deal with the issue and make deals with third parties that want to make use, administrate, manage and operates them.

PS Saying Goodbye to Greece, we know…

BTW: Who owes the ports and sells them without even blushing, without even asking us? I suppoed the ports were built with Greek taxpayers money, not?