Amato: If Greece Exits Euro, Italy is next; EuroZone is Like an Artichoke…

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This statement was made by the former Prime Minister of Italy Giuliano Amato. ” If Greece exits the euro, the next could be us. Because the Eurozone is like an artichoke. Sooner or later the leaves may be cut off, “Amato told Italian daily “Il Messaggero“.

With regard to Greece,  Giuliano Amato said: “On the technical level, the single currency could survive if Greece was to exit the euro.  I do not know, if  Greece could survive, but, apparently, this issue is of interest  only for the Greeks. I was always utterly opposed to the idea favoring that the weaker should be removed and then put back the issues on the table. This route turns Eurozone to classic artichoke.”

Guiliano Amato is a friend of Greeece.