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New Heat Wave to Hit Greece Even Though Almost End of August

Another heat wave is expected to hit Greece over the weekend and thus although it is almost end of August. Temepratures are expected to reach 42 degrees Celsius in some parts of the country with Athens to be mutated into a boiling pot – for the fourth time this summer.

Time to seek the nearest beach

 The heat wave is forecast to start on Friday (Aug 24) and last until Sunday (Aug 26). Make it “Monday” to be sure…

Civil protection authorities have issued a warning for sensitive age groups like children and seniors, especially those with health problems.

Local reporters from the Dodecanese, tell KTG that the heat wave has already reached Kos.

Cooling Aegean Waves

Last night, in our nearby island, we experienced a really hot wind coming through after midnight.  This morning the air as much fresher, coming inside from the north east window and going out from the south west balcony door.

PS Due to the upcoming heat wave, KTG considers to extend vacations for a couple of days, in the company of  my big brown friend, who hasn’t  stopped crowing today 🙂

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