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Daily Archives: September 6, 2012

Protesting Policemen Set “Gallows” Outside Greek Finance Ministry (video, picts)

Powerful pictures, full of symbolism: one policeman, one firefighter and one coastal  guard “hang” themselves outside the Greek Finance Ministry in downtown Athens, near the Greek Parliament. They stand there for a couple of minutes. Silent. The crowd chants: “Thieves! Thieves! Thieves!” Video: Protesting Policemen – Gallows outside the Finance Ministry/slogans …

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ECB’s Mario Draghi Saves the Euro with Bond-Buying Plan

Ufff! The euro is saved. And together with euro, we, debt-ridden European Southerners, are save too. Head of European Central Bank, Mario Draghi announced on Thursday, that the ECD will buy bonds of countries in debt crisis until they recover. Draghi’s decision comes despite Germany’s objections fearing that member states …

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Social Unrest Nears as Greece’s Society Groups Get Angry at Each Other?

It came as expected. Employees affected by the upcoming wages cuts included in the 11.5-billion-euro package took to the streets. Policemen, firefighters, coastal guards, judges, academics, teachers, doctors, tax officers. Greece’s public sector is boiling. Civil servants protest and strike and threaten with escalation of their mobilization.  Sept 6/2012 – Athens: Riot …

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Unemployment in Greece Breaks New Record: 24.4% in June 2012, 1:4 Without Job & Income

Unemployment in Greece broke another record in June reaching 24.4%. In comparison: 17.2% in June 2011 and 23.5% in May 2012. More than 50,000 people lost their jobs within one month, which translates that almost 1,200 working places were lost per day. And this during the summer period, when traditionally the …

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