Greek PM Samaras “Initiates” 6-Day Week: “There Are No Saturdays”

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I can’t resist the temptation. Especially as the office of the Prime Minister felt the need to issue a press release on Antonis Samaras statement and his party, Nea Dimokratia, uploaded the relevant video on YouTube. Both gave an utmost importance of this statement.

Video: outside Samaras’ office

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Reporter: “Saturday afternoon at the office?” a reporter asks Samaras

Samaras: “There are no Saturdays. There is a lot of work and little time. And we will succeed.”

PS There has been a lot of talk about Troika pressuring to overthrow labour rights, among them increasing the number of working days from five to six, i.e. considering ‘Saturday’ as normal working week day in order to avoid additional payment to employees. Many Greek internet users could not help but ironically comment: “Samaras initiated the 6-day week” with this statement.