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Daily Archives: September 18, 2012

Athens Riot Dog: Loukanikos’ Protester Career is Over

Athens famous riot dog, the “Indignant dog”, the legendary Loukanikos, has ended his career as protester. On Thursday night a report in a Greek news portal and some mentions in Facebook claimed that he was not more in Athens and that he had been apparently adopted by loving pets’ parents and he …

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Supreme Court Orders Arrest of MPs Despite Immunity -Greece’s Measures Against Extremists

 Greece’s Supreme Court of Civil and Penal Law (‘Αρειος Πάγος) decided to take radical measures against members of the Parliament caught in flagranti (to catch red-handed, in action) in committing felonies: Arrest! The circular sent to prosecutors and police departments does not namely refer to MPs of extreme-right Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) however the …

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Merkel: “My Heart Bleeds – Rich Greeks Should Pay Too”

I can’t help but to have pity with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She suffers from a permanent bleeding heart. Three weeks after she said that [German government’s] hearts bleeds over the sacrifices of Greek employees and low pensioners, she publicly reiterated her plight. However this time she added that “rich …

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Crete: Employee Dies the Moment He Learns He Had Been Fired

 The news was too tough for the employee to bear. The man collapsed and passed away within minutes upon hearing that he had been dismissed. The 49-year-old man was employed at a company in Heraklion, Crete. The moment his employer announced his dismissal due to economic crisis imposed job cuts, the …

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