Dancing to Richter-Scale Tunes: 5 Earthquakes in Less than 24 Hours

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¬†Intense seismic activity has been recorded in Greece with five earthquakes to have¬†occured in less than 24 hours. With minimum 4 and maximum 5.1 on the Richter scale, the earthquakes in several parts of Greece did not cause any human injuries or material damage. Seismologists say ‘they are observing the phenomemon’ and consider the different earthquakes as independent from each other.


06:51 am NW Cassos 4 R

06:52 am NW Coritnh 4.9 R

09:14 am NE Conitsa 4.5 R


11:45 am W Crete 4.9 R

06:40 pm Aigio 4 R