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Two Pakistanis Stabbed After Asked About Their Nationality

A  -what it seems to be a – racist attack took place on Saturday night in Attica, when two Pakistanis were stabbed, while walking on the street. According to Ethnos, the Pakistanis were attacked after they were asked their nationality. Citing police information and testimonies from the victims, Ethnos writes:

“The three Pakistanis were walking on a street of Metamorphosis area of Attica prefecture when a car and a motorcycle stopped next to them. The two drivers asked them what was their nationality. When they replied to the question, the drivers attacked them with knives and injured two of them: one on the hand, the other on the chest. Then the drivers jumped in the vehicles and disappeared.

The two injured were taken to KAT hospital in Athens, while the third gave testimony to the police.

Police investigates th emovite of the attack that occured at 9.30 pm.”


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