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Ex-Chancellor Schmidt: It’s Merkel’s Fault, To be Featured with Swastika in Some Countries

Former German chancellor Helmut Schimdt, sharply criticized Angela Merkel for her policies in the euro crisis. In a live talk-show  of state broadcaster ZDF, Schmidt said:

“It is partly her fault that in some European countries there are images featuring her with a swastika armband.”

The chancellor does as if she is “too centralized on her person,” Socialdemocrat Schmidt continued, adding “some neighboring countries have the feeling that Germany would be the new center.”

           J Gauck – H Schmidt

Also present at the show was German President Joachim Gauck, who  took Merkel in protection. “Today we do not face the problem that a chancellor who has forgot history claims: the world was to recover with the German spirit. Merkel struggles for a stable euro also representative for other neighboring countries.”

KTG understands Gauck as saying : 1) Merkel represents also the interests of Austria, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands 2) the German spirit was to save the world… yesterday 🙂

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  1. The words are over my head about the chancellor who has forgotten history. However, just taking these words, “… The world was to recover with the German spirit” don’t sound good to me at all. Every nation has its own spirit and has recovered from all sorts of horrific conditions and why should the spirit of some other nation be used to recover from anything.

  2. Do of course not forget that Schmidt is a Social Democrat, while Merkel is a “Christian” democrat, and as these two parties are going to be fighting it out between the very soon in German elections, any dig at the opposition will do.
    That is not to say that Schmidt is wrong in his assessment of the current chancellor. Question is, would a SD chancellor be any different?
    For all their talk about EU, solidarity, etc. German politicians are still just that, and their bread and butter is made for them in Germany, not in Europe. As the rest of us are finding out the hard way…