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Athens Action: Every Tuesday, Special Prices in Bars & Restaurants, Oct 2-Dec18/2012

Municipality of Athens restarts again its initiative “We Go Out Athens”. Starting on Tuesday, October 2nd 2012, bars and restaurants cooperating with the program will offer special prices to residents, workers and tourists visiting the historical and commercial centre of the Greek capital. 

Logo: We go out Athens

A menue will be offered for 10€, a coffed for 2€, an alcoho drink for 5€ and a bottle of wine for 12€ . 

The special prices will be offered every Tuesday, from October 2nd until December 18th, 2012.

Through this specially designed action, the Municipality of Athens seeks to enliven the city centre and revitalize the catering sector.

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  1. Couple of questions. Is there any subsidy involved from the municipality? Or are the participants paying it for themselves? How have they arranged this with the TAX-office, since they will still be taxing at full prices, I believe. A menu for 10 euro sounds good. An alcoholic drink for 5 euro?! I pay 1.50 euro for a glass of tsipouro and 2 for a small bottle of ouzo. So what will I get for 5 euro that is so special? Bottle of wine for 12 euro? Absurd. Just take open wine. Kilo should not cost more than 5 euro.
    Minor point: “We go out Athens” does not sound right for me. What benefit would the municipality have when everybody would go out of the city on those days? 😉 And when it is also for tourists there should at least exist a non Greek logo too. Or not?

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    municipality will receive more fees from the increased electricity consumption in bars & restaurants and shops if people do some shopping before/after dinning & eating. for example higher electricity consumption when the cash-register prints more …receipts. the offers will attract more people to the city centre and businessmen will open shops again. Downtown is almost abandoned, you know…

    Maybe the logo is adressed to Greek-speaking tourists?