Greece’s Youth Unemployment Surpasses Spanish One in Eurostat-Report

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 Unemployment among Greek youth surpassed the rates of Spanish youth. According to latest report “Unemployment in the European Union” published today by Eurostat, youth unemployment in the European Union (August 2012), was the highest in Greece with 55.4%, while Spain followed with 52.9%.

In August 2012, 5.458 million young persons (under 25) were unemployed in the EU27 of whom 392 million were in the euro area. Compared with August 2011, youth unemployment rose by 164,000 in the EU27 and by 213,000 in the euro area. In August the youth unemployment rate was 22.7% in the EU27 and 22.8% in the euro area.

In the overall unemployment affecting all ages, the EUROSTAT estimates that 25.466 million men and women in the EU27 were unemployed, of whom 18.196 million were in the euro area. Unemployment rates in August 2012 are: 10.5% in EU27 and 11.4% in the euro area.

The highest rate of unemployment has Spain with 25.1% and Greece with 24.4% (June 2012 data).

Full report all European Union and Euro Area member countries: EUROSTAT

PS If unemployment rises in summer when young people traditionally have the chance for get seasonal jobs, cann you imagine the rates in winter months?