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Who Said, “Greeks Didn’t Pay Taxes”?

Hundreds of taxpayers rushed to local tax offices on Monday morning to pay their taxes. The length of queues incredible. Men and women of all ages had to stand on pavements and stairs for several hours to perform their duty.

Reason for the tax-office run was the three-day strike of tax officers during last week. With the deadline to pay income tax tranches to end on September 30.

The pictures of ‘shame’ with outraged taxpayers complaining about the trouble and some saying that they had been standing line for more than three hours flooded our television screens.

Most likely also these of the Finance Ministry. At noon the FinMin decided to give to taxpayers an extension of two days.

nice queues pictures.

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  1. Why did the Finance Ministry not give the extension as soon as they knew about the 3 day stoppage? Those people just wanted to do their duty. And like always they are spit upon by the system.
    KTG, stories like these are so important to make people outside Greece understand how a lot of ordinary Greeks are treated by their state and countrymen. When I tell them this, most of the time they change their tune towards the ordinary Greek in no time. Thank you for stories like these in English!

  2. Very little publicity is given to the fact that over one-half of Greeks who are economically active have their income taxed at the source. In consequence, those people cannot cheat on income taxes. That is often overlooked when people say that, generally, all Greeks cheat on taxes.

  3. What is also overlooked is that there are an awful lot more kind of taxes one CAN cheat on. Even when your income is taxed at the source. Especially when a large part of your income comes from activities outside your official job.