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Two Jobless Greeks Sell Time in Their Online “Clockular”

I must say, I’m impressed. Impressed of the quirky ideas brought up by young people. Young and educated and jobless without hope. This morning I got an e-mail by the inventors of Clockular, a freshly launched online clock, the first crowdsourced clock on internet. One can buy time -minimum purchase is ten seconds – and upload images. Marketeer Kostas Harto and Web-developer George Roumis both 28, describe in one single sentence the problem Greece’s youth faces nowadays:

“We found out that is pointless to keep searching for a regular job in our country at this time, because of the economical crisis. So we
 decided to try a crazy idea instead of just waiting.”

“This crazy idea is an excellent opportunity for advertisers, businessmen and individuals,” say Harto and Roumis, while one can even use the  option of an impressive and timeless gift opportunity.

Below is the press release, they sent to KTG: 

Two jobless Greeks start to sell Time by launching Clockular, a unique online clock

 Two young entrepreneurs from Athens, Greece, aim to build online the most valuable clock in the
 world, by selling its time off to advertisers and individuals for 0,10$ per sec.

 Kostas Harto and George Roumis, two 28 years old unemployed friends from Greece, are hoping to become millionaires in a bold way, by
 selling a whole year’s time through their freshly launched online clock, second by second.

 “We found out that is pointless to keep searching for a regular job in our country at this time, because of the economical crisis.So we
 decided to try a crazy idea instead of just waiting” , Harto explains.

 The vision of the creators is to make Clockular a record breaker as the world’s most valuable clock ever made and write Web history with
 the help of time owners, bussinesses or individuals. “Common online clocks are somehow popular enough anyway, so imagine a crowdsourced, record-breaker wannabe clock based on a quirky idea. It could be famous worldwide,  just depending on people’s curiosity ” Roumis believes.

After buying Clockular’s time, the owner can use this time to display an image linked to a website.

 Harto believes that over time the seconds will offer great commercial value because the clock will be kept online for at least three years,
although the aim is to have it up  for as long as possible.”Our goal is to keep it up forever so even the  grandchildren of the time owners will have the opportunity to watch it” Harto explains, and continues: ” If we could generate some interest and make Clockular recognizable and famous worldwide, people will be checkingn the site for years to come, and even a little time investment now, seems like a big opportunity for long-standing benefits.”

 Except for bussineses, an individual can be a time owner of Clockular too, either for himself or to use the gift option to make a unique and
 romantic gift to someone.”An impressive and timeless gift much less expensive than a diamond ring. Time itself. We made wrapping Time up
 in a present’s package a possibility. ” Roumis says.

Website: Check the box on the left space IN:FO for more details.

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  1. I like it, and good for them.

  2. So they made a website, and they are selling advertising space on it.

  3. At least they got of their ass and are doing something positive to try and get out of an impossible situation they have been put in without choice.
    They could just do like so many others and succumb to total depression and inertia over the situation the are put in, without choice.
    And then people like you can come along and berate them for having no initiative to get up and help themselves.
    Is it really that hard to be a little supportive of 2 young people who have the guts to stand up and do something for themselves, irrespective of how crazy or stupid you think it is?

  4. And it they won’t sell adds, at least they had a lot of fun instead of sitting doing nothing and being depressed. Well done Clockular guys and I hope it works out for you!!!