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Angela Merkel to Visit Athens on Oct 9/2012

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is due to Athens next Tuesday, October 9th 2012. The visit was announced by Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert. The announcement comes hours, after Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras apparently “unofficially” invited Merkel to Athens via his interview to German daily Handelsblatt. However the official invitation was arranged when Greek PM visited Berlin end of last August.

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is to visit Greece next week as Athens works to convince its creditors to pay the next installment of its bailout package.

Merkel’s spokesman, Steffen Seibert, said the chancellor will meet Prime Minister Antonis Samaras in Athens on Tuesday.

Seibert said Friday that Merkel’s visit follows an invitation that Samaras made when he visited Berlin in August.  (Associated Press via MontHer)

Angela Merkel may be a welcome guest of the government, but parts of the media, websites and blogs have oft caricatured her with a Nazi-uniform or a Swastika, due to her rigorous policy towards Greece.

However, despite a possible negative reaction by the public, Merkel’s visit to Athens it cannot be but a sign of support for Greece as the debt-ridden and near bankruptcy country struggles to secure the next bailout tranche of 31 billion euro.

Merkel’s visit will take place a day after the Eurogroup meeting on Monday.

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  1. ‘rigorous policy”, ‘sign of support’? Are you yourselves brain-dead or do you consider your readers to be? You should be ashamed you publish such piles of rubbish that further perpetuate the view of Germany ‘helping’ (!!!!!!!!) Greece, when across the EU, taxpayers are paying for the propping up of German banks, while the Greeks are starving. Get a grip either of the reality or of your responsibility to the public.

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    yes, we’re brain dead due to too much austerity 🙂

  3. Unfortunately, nothing positive is to be expected from the visit of Chancellor Merkel in Greece. The Prime Minister Mr. Samaras will get a pat on the back for bowing to the foreign lenders expectations and demands. Some opposition political parties such as the Syriza,the GD, the Independent Greeks,the KKE and some unions will blow off some steam by demonstrating against the austerity measures and Chancellor Merkel. Some Greek banks will have wild celebrations for getting the Greek taxpayers money to finance mergers with other Greek banks, thus creating too big to fail megabanks. To maximize their profits, the new megabanks will close a number of branches and let go many redundant employees, forcing the Greek taxpayers to pay for their unemployment benefits. The masterful puppeteers, the bankers and the rich, will continue pulling the strings on the politicians, their loyal representatives in both the government and the Hellenic Parliament. The new austerity measures will asphyxiate the Greek middle class and pulverize the poor, skyrocketing the unemployment rate and deepening the ongoing recession. Greece’s oligarchic plutocratic political system will remain intact.