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Golden Dawn Provokes Row in Parliament: Ex-PM Papandreou “25% Greek”, Venizelos “Brings Society to Vomit”

MP of neo-nazi Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) provoked a row in the Greek Parliament Friday noon, with one of them libeling ex PM Papandreou as “25% Greek” and urging PASOK-leader Venizelos to “shut up”, while the whole group left the plenary hall shouting “thieves, fraudsters, crooks and hustlers.”

The incident started, when GD MP Ilias Kassidiaris speaking at the plenary hall libeled former Prime Minister George Papandreou as “inderscribable” and “only 25% Greek”. He also urged PASOK-leader Evangelos Venizelos {he was absent] to “shut up. He causes vomiting throughout the society. A prosecutor must tell him to shut up!” Kasidiaris said. He also ‘fired’ criticism against Chief of General Staff Michalis Kostarakos for talking to protesting shipyard workers without wearing his uniformhat and “humiliating the army.”


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Prompt was the reaction of PASOK parliamentary group speaker Yiannis Maniatis :

“We’re eye witness of fascist verbal trash and sewer of insults. The unacceptable insults and behaviour of para-military, pins and assault squads will not pass. Democracy will win even if some fight against it.”

Kassidiaris started to shout furiously, and other GD MPS started to shout as well, acting deputy Parliament Speaker intervened saying “What kind of behaviour is this? What’s on your mind?”.

Almost with one voice, the GD MPs started to scream demanding the  Lagarde-list [containing the names of 1.991 Greeks with assets in USBC Bank in Geneva.]

Also the parliamentary group spokeswoman of Nea Dimocratia said it was unacceptable to hear the word “shut up!” in the parliament session , to receive the answer by GD-MP Papas “We said shut up, not bow.”

Deputy Parliament Speaker Nakos interrupted the session in order to diffuse the tension, the GD MPs the plenary hall shouting “Thieves, Fraudsters, Hustlers.”

Furious GD MPs Leaving the Parliament Session

Later, PASOK issued a statement saying that the incident raises the issue of the functioning of parliamentary institution and asked the conference of the Parliament speakers to convene.

“Democracy endures when it protects itself. The professional bullies who try to exploit the distress of large sections of Greek society must learn to respect democracy and parliamentarism. But this must be imposed on them through the institutions of the same parliamentary democracy,” the statement concluded.

sources: Proto Thema, NewsIT,



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  1. Good thing to have them around to decide on the Greekness of people in and outside this country. The only thing that is bothering me with this is that, when I look at their pictures, watch their actions and listen to their words I don’t recognize even one single element of real Greekness. Just some German traits and habits from the first halve of the 20th Century. Must be some kind of mistake?

  2. Who was that who said something about references to Germany and WW2 and…:) ???

    I think that the Greek People should insist on ALL GD members undergoing a DNA test to prove that they themselves are pure Greeks. What’s the bet they’ll find North African, Middle Eastern and Turkish markers?
    And we can have our very own “Csanad Szegedi” episode. For those not familiar with this particular clown, he was the leader of the Hungarian far right Jobbik Party. Same shit-spouters as Golden Dawn. Their pet hate are Jews. And then the real shit hit the fan:

    Szegedi acknowledged in June that his grandparents on his mother’s side were Jews – making him one too under Jewish law, even though he doesn’t practice the faith. His grandmother was an Auschwitz survivor and his grandfather a veteran of forced labor camps.

  3. Who was that who said something about references to Germany and WW2 and…:) ???

    I did. 😆
    But in this case it is highly relevant. I have the strong feeling that GD is even more a group of traitors of the country they are saying to represent and embody so deeply than the NAZI’s were. And yes, that is saying a lot. But their admiration for a foreign leader in who’s name countless Greeks have been murdered only 60 years ago is repulsive.

  4. Indeed, fully agree. They are indeed traitors to the very people they pretend to represent and defend. Not only that, they are traitors to the very Faith they say they have and defend, and it would be very helpful if the representatives of the Coptic Church of Greece would come out say that these people do indeed not speak for, or represent the Coptic Church nor its Faith. These people are traitors to everything that represents humanity. They represent nothing but “evil”.
    The nature of evil is to divide: people from people, humanity from the rest of nature. The function of evil to divide; to alienate people from each other and divide one country from another. Those whose minds are so distorted injure the lives of others as well as themselves. Attempting to locate the “roots” of one’s identity in a particular racial or ethnic group is an illusion. It is like a mirage in the desert.
    Creating harmony amidst diversity is a fundamental issue of the twenty-first century. While celebrating the unique characteristics of different peoples and cultures, we have to create solidarity on the level of our common humanity, our common life. Without such solidarity, there is no future for the human race. Diversity should not beget conflict in the world, but richness. The times demand that we rethink the questions: to what end national identity? To what purpose national borders?
    We need to find the courage not to fear or deny difference; but to respect and strive to understand people of different cultures, and to grow from encounters with them. That,and that alone will make us true humans, and will guarantee a better world for our children to live in.

  5. giaoýrti giaoyrtáki

    As Golden Dawn doesn’t like Greeks become like the American Indians it decided to open a branch in NYC and free America of the Greeks and all other Europeans.