Greeks To Hail Merkels’ Visit to Athens With …Protest Rallies, Oct 9/2012

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It didn’t matter, that everybody was caught by surprise this morning, when Merkel’s spokesman announced in Berlin that the German Chancellor will visit Athens on upcoming Tuesday, October 9th 2012. Certainly it will be a very short visit of just a couple of hours. And certainly the surprise was big. But it took anti-austerity Greeks only a short moment to recover from the shock and announce several protest rallies.

Apart from Antonis Samaras also ordinary Greeks hailed the high ranking honour. Especially those Greeks who are members of trade unions of the public and private sector and members of several opposition parties from the left and the right. A bit more right-wing than Samaras’  Nea Dimocratia, like the Independent Greeks.

They already announced that they will held a protest outside the German embassy. Of course, on Tuesday…

Main opposition left-wing SRYRIZA calls jobless, unionists and youth to join the protest rally on October 9th.

In equal mood is the call of Communist party KKE.

Unions of private sector GSEE and public sector ADEDY  declared a 3-hour work stoppage (11 am-1 pm) and a protest rally at 1 o’ clcok at Syntagma Square outside the Greek Parliament.

PS Unconfirmed rumors claim that Angela Merkel will be beamed from Athens airport to the office of Samaras with the aid of the most advanced technology devices.