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Athens: Naked Merkel-Protester was a British National

Athens – Tuesday afternoon: While protesters are throwing stones at policemen and riot police is firing tears gas, a man strips off his clothes and start to run naked in front of the Greek Parliament and around the Syntagma Square.

 The protester runs around and waves with his hand. Unknown if he waves to Angela Merkel and Antonis Samaras or to the MPs.


But he runs and runs in front of the astonished eyes of thousands of  protesters and riot policemen.


And many anti-austerity demonstrators cheer at him with enthusiasm.


Proto Thema  reports that the man is a British national who decided to protest in his own, unique way.

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UPDATE: NewsIt claims that the man was … US-citizen. And that he gave his naked-protest a second round in the afternoon. That this time he was taken to police station but that he was set free. (after he showed his passport?)

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  1. The most sensible of all the protesters!

  2. I should’ve imagined he was a Briton… Very typical… Was he sober, or a lil tipsy after some pints?

  3. Maybe he is the naked rover I read about on BBC, this guy who has spent 6 years in jail in Britain as he takes his clothes off in public as soon as he is released and in the courts too. apparently, he refuses in jail too and so he has to be kept separate. He does wear shoes, socks, and hats though.They don’t even want to arrest him any more for nudity for it is very expensive.

  4. Depends. He might have made Merkel’s day for all we know.

  5. keeptalkinggreece

    lol crazy yes, I got a link by a friend. but no, ours here wasn’t him, ours here is really thumbs-up!

  6. Well, at least HE has something to show for himself…

    And for all you ladies:

  7. If he did, he’s a braver man than most of us.

  8. They say he was not arrested because he showed his passport…. I wonder where he kept that hidden away then ☺

  9. keeptalkinggreece

    behind his ear?

  10. Definitely better than the last and only nude fellow I saw, a 70 year old model in an art class. His fur covered him very well of course, so it was like drawing a bear from the back.

  11. If he did that in USA he would be classified as a sex offender and have to remain on registry for life but in Greece he got away with it

  12. at least the ladie senjoyed the show of a well trained body 🙂