UPD Merkel in Athens: Clashes Between Riot Police & Hospital Personnel

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Riot police attempted to prevent hospital personnel from coming down to the street and take position to protest Angela Merkel. the personnel of Errikos Dynan hospital decided to go down to the pavement of Mesogion Avenue and protest German Chancellor Angela Merkel using this road to reach downtown Athens.

Despite the ban of public gatherings in the area, the hospital personnel decided to leave the building.

Five riot police squads rushed to the hospital and clashed with the outraged employees, who have been unpaid for eight months.

Police tried to prevent the protesters pushing them with their shields, while also tear gas was fired.

The angry protesters threw plastic water bottles and coffee at the police.

The protesters did not withdraw inside the building and tension is still high.

UPDATE: When the convoy with Merkel and Samaras was passing by the hospital, the angry personnel hurled plastic bottles of water. According to Greek media, one bottle hit Merkel-Samaras’ car and the rest two other cars.

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