One in Four Greeks Without Work. Unemployment Rose to 25.1% in July 2012

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We’re not shocked anymore to read that one in four Greeks have no job. We’re not shocked anymore to read more that 1,261,604 people have no work. The “lucky” among them will be entitled to receive 368 euro per month for the duration of one year as unemployment allowance. 

No, we’re not shocked anymore to read that young labour forces between 15-25 years old are unemployed at 54.2%.

No, we are not shocked anymore. Because the statistics just confirm what we hear and see every day. In our neighborhood, in the environment of our relatives and friends and the broader environment of our relatives’ relatives and the friends of our friends.

The thousands electroshocks we have been receiving every single day since Greece asked the aid of international lenders in May 2010 have turned us into apathetic creatures.

No, we are not shocked anymore. 

PS Unemployment: 24.8% in  June 2012 and 17.8% in July 2011. Although summer months are been considered as providing seasonal jobs, 23, 255 people lost their jobs between June and July 2012.

Full Data Report by Greek statistics Authority ELSTAT