Golden Dawn Requests Data of Foreign Infants; Interior Ministry Fullfils the Request!

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party of Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) requested data about infants and children of foreign nationality in Greece’s kindergartens and nurseries by the Interior Ministry. What is most impressive is that the Interior Ministry indeed gave the data. In rates of course, not names or addresses of the children.

The minister himself Euripides Stylianidis said in a statement that

“96% of the schoolchildren are Greek, 2% were born inside the 27-EU member bloc and that 2% come from other countries. The date was requested to inform the national delegation in the context of the applied EU program.”

Last month, Golden Dawn MP Ilias Panayiotaros submitted a question to the Parliament and demanded that the Interior Ministry provide information on immigrant children placed in kindergartens across the country.

“Panayiotaros had requested the exact data of “foreign infants and young children, by country of origin, who are in nursery schools” in Greece from the Greek Ministry of Interior.

Speaking at a party rally before the June elections in Palaio Faliro, the same MP said that “should Golden Dawn enter Parliament, it will carry out raids in hospitals and kindergartens so as to throw out all illegal immigrants and their children.” (To Vima)

The Interior Ministry on Thursday denied it had asked municipalities for detailed information on immigrant children, contending that it only asked for more general statistical data.

Reports however suggest that ministry officials had originally complied with Golden Dawn’s request as several schools across the country alleged to have received documents from local authorities asking for information on foreign schoolchildren.

Civil organisation Citizens in Action published the Interior Ministry request sent to nurseries of Ierapetra Municipality via the local municipalities authorities. The request to the kindergartens and nurseries, dated October 2nd, 2012, says in short:

“We request you send within the same date and per fax 1) the number of native and foreign children that were selected for places in kindergartens and nurseries 2) the number of the foreigners according to country of origin so that we can timely transmit to the Ministyr of Interior for the briefing of the National Delegation.”  (

The Municipality of Ierapetra, Crete,  turned down the request saying that “we will not hand over data of infants to neo-Nazis who openly threaten them.”

Greek law ensures the right of access to nurseries for all children, irrespective of nationality, religion or gender and linguistic, racial or social group, according to United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child.

 GD had also rearlier submitted request about how many foreign families were receiving child allowance.

 In a statement GD said it had a real interest to the children of Greek families that are excluded from the nurseries. “We never requested the addresses and we never said we would beat minors,” read the statement that concluded threatining “those who reproduce these lies” with legal measures.”

There has already been a significant rise in incidents of violence against immigrants in Greece over the last six months.