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Craftsment March from Volos to Athens to Protest Bailout Agreements & Austerity

 Craftsemen from Volos started to walk towards Athens to protest the several bailout agreements that pushed them into “deep impoverishment”, as they said. Some 150 craftsmen left the Volos on Saturday morning and are expected to reach Greece’s capital after ten days, on October 23rd. Upon arrival at Syntagma Square they plan to hand over to Parliament a resolution with their demands and spend the night at Syntagma Sq. The have decided to launch a hunger strike once their march protest is over.

 Video: starting the march

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Accompanied by three cars, carrying food supplies and tents and sleeping bags, and one ambulance, the group is expected to cover an average of 25-30 km per day. They plan to spend the nights at Town Halls of several cities and villages across the 340 km national road that separate Volos from Athens.

The craftsmen expect that more people will join the protest coming from the different cities they will pass through.

The action was organized by the local “Movement of Hope for the Society”.

The Movement called also jobless, farmers, pensioners and vulnerable society groups to join the march.


“We march to Athens in order to express our total indignation and strongly protest the implemented policy. We do not give away the future of our children, our businesses and the right to work. Having no hope for the improvement of our survival, we are forced to fight in order not to lose all the rights we acquired with great effort and struggle. Is it possible to pay for so many years our insurance contributions in order to secure a basic pension and medical health care, and when we retire to end up with a hunger-pension? Ethos, pride, dignity, collegiality are neither bought nor sold in any state system “.

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