Greek Gov’t – Troika Talks Temporary Suspended After Disagreement Over Labour Rights in Private Sector

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Talks between the Greek side and the Troika were temporary suspended on Sunday evening after  a disagreement on labour rights like the minimum wage, the compensations after firing and wages hikes every three years. The disagreement occurred during talks between the Labour Ministry and a Troika technical team. However at the same time, the Ministry of Administration Reform rejected the Troika demand for 15,000 civil servants lay-offs.

Overturn of labour rights are part of 11.5-13 billion-euro the austerity package that Greece needs to agree with the Troika and pass through the Parliament in order to receive the bailout tranche of 31 billion euro.

According to Greek media, Greece’s lenders want that employees -currently on minimum wage of 586 euro gross per month – will not receive pay rise every three years as foreseen by the national collective bargain. The NCB foresees that employees receive salary hikes every three years for the first 10 years of work.

The Troika wants:

-Minimum wage employees and workers will be receiving this amount also after  9 years.

-Cut firing compensations down to 50%. Currently workers with 25 years claim up to 24 monthly salaries as compensation if they’re fired.

A second front of disagreement arose on Sunday night as the Minister of Administration Reform rejected the Troika’s demand to proceed in lay-off of 15,000 civil servants until the end of the year.

Greece has to agree with the Troika before the Eurogroup meeting on upcoming Thursday, October 18th 2012.

As Greek media report, the additional austerity package for 2013 will concern cuts worth nine billion euro!