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Greece Collects Just €19 Million out of €13 Billion Owed by 1,500 Debtors

 Greece’s tax authorities move forward with the pace of a turtle. From 13 billion euro owed to the state by 1,500 big scale debtors, the Treasury managed to collect just 19 million. This data was given to the Parliament by Deputy Finance Minister Giorgos Mavraganis.

According to Mavraganis, for the period between May 1 – August 31, 2012:

1,500 big scale debtors owe the state more than 5 million euro each with the exact total amount being 13.09 billion euro.

Audit services of the Finance Ministry have opened 459 case-files.

Of these there are:

  • 134 cases of confiscations by third parties
  • 143 case are in poverty status
  • 14 have undergone special liquidation.

From the total debt of 13.09 billion euro:

  • 19 million euro has been collected
  • 29,485,785,35 euro debt  -fines based on the Code of Books and Records – has been deleted.
  • 282,900,195 euro debt has been suspended.

Mavraganis said also that there are currently cross-checks of the 1,500 debtors (natural persons, legal entities, trustees and family-members like spouses and A-grade relatives)  in the context of transferred money abroad and real estate purchase in the UK.

PS Of course, there are also cases of big scale deptors who got fined and sentenced to imprisonment but they were “vanished in the air” lol

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