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UPD: Gunshots at Athens Court – One Dead, One Injured

Gunshots were fire on Monday morning inside the Evelpidon Court in Athens. According to latest information one man is dead and one injured. The perpetrator is a Roma woman whose son was killed in a vendetta among Roma families. The woman was arrested right after the shooting.

Earliers we wrote:

 The incident occurred at 9:40 a.m. in the office of one of the examining judges.

Unconfirmed information claim that a detainee was shot 6-7 times by a woman who got arrested immediately after the incident.

There is also talk of raw among Roma.

Reportedly the perpetrator accused detainee of killing her son.

person shot at the Athens main court complex is reportedly dead, shot by the mother of victim accusing him of killing her son.

There is no official statement by Greek police yet.

However one important question is: how could somebody smuggle a weapon in the court, if there are metal detectors at the entrance?

to be continued….


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  1. Greece is becoming more and more lawless

  2. Maybe the metal detectors were on strike or cigarette break?

  3. neither … nor… The frappe had not enough sugar.

  4. These sorts of things can happen anywhere. I remember in America one time went a shot this guy in court because he had molested or son. She was considered a folk hero for it, but she was prosecuted. As long as this woman too is prosecuted it is not indicative of Greece being lawless.

  5. keeptalkinggreece

    we did the news in the morning when it was not clear what was the case.