Wednesday , September 20 2017
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UPD: Justice Minister & Deputy Parliament Speaker Hospitalized

There is no doubt that the Greek government and the officials of the state are under immense pressure, just like every citizen of the debt-ridden country. Of course, the stress factors for citizens and state officials have totally different motives…

Deputy Palriament Speaker Yiannis Tragakis reportedly suffered a brain stroke on Sunday while on a visit to Cyprus. He is hospitalized at the intensive care unit.

Justice Minister Antonis Roupakiotis, 75,  was rushed to Attikon Hospital in Athens on Monday morning after he suddenly felt ill. He is undergoing medical checks.

UPDATE: According to Mega TV, Roupakiotis is to undergo a brain surgery for the removal of a blood haematoma. Rupakiotis had been suffering from strong headaches during the last three days.

State broadcaster NET reported that the haematoma is small and that it has been caused either by distress or by a head injury.

Check later for updates.

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