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Athens: Protests Outside TV Station Against Turkish Series

 Members from seven associations held a protest outside the offices of private broadcaster ANT1 in Marousi, Athens, against Turkish TV-series broadcast in prime time.

Organisations of refugees from Asia Minor and Istanbul but also from Cyprus gathered outside ANT1 at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, on the anniversary of the national Day of 28. October 1940.

Holding banners and Greek flags the protesters  channted slogans and sang the National Anthem.

“When I turn the TV on and see Suleiman, I recall that I lost my grandfather during the Smyrna disaster. I feel like smashing my TV,” Christos Kazos, Chairman of Asia Minor Association told life-style portal zappit.gr

Since a year or so, Greek channels started to broadcast en mass Turkish TV-series, because they were cheaper to buy than to create own productions. Due to economic crisis. There have been times, when Greeks had no other choice than to watch TV-series in evening prime time.

A fact that disturbed a number of Greeks who have been suffering from traumas of the Greek-Turkish past.

Not to mention the ‘bombardment’ by an old-fashioned culture full of forbidden love affairs, mafia relations and intrigues, moustached patriarchs and village women with head gear.  All nicely wrapped in luxurious Bollywood-style villas a suffocating social structure.

PS however I wouldn’t exclude some political motive in this protest.

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  1. Although I think the guy complaining about the Grandpa in the Smyrna disaster is confused as Suleiman is from a totally different century (many centuries…) 15th century if i remember right. and Smyrna was 1800s right? So, this is a stretch..

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    symbolically, smithers, symbolically!

  3. emotional knee-jerk reactions will span eons without batting an eyelid, or questioning factuality…

  4. I wish Greeks stop this hysterical hatred of the Turks and concentrate on their own problems. Its the crazy military purchases over the last few decades has got Greece into the mess they are in.

  5. Suleiman is actually a really nice show and one of the ONLY Turkish shows I watch and I’d even say it could fly in the US market possibly. The Russian hottie looks like Drew Barrymore a bit to me too.

    But remember, ultimately if Greeks don’t watch these shows, they will disappear, but I find few Greeks that don’t enjoy them. The old American Bold and the Beautiful sensation has been replaced by Suleiman (LOL)

  6. 30-50 people make ‘hysterical hatred of Turks’?
    BTW:not just the military purchases, not just that.

  7. I don’t know the Russian Drew Barrymore but Suleiman looks like Tayyip Erdogan, I think.

  8. Actually, I wonder if i’m on to something, as I quote this from the NY TIMES, regarding the Russian (actually maybe German) who was born in Berlin:

    “The 27-year-old actress Meryem Uzerli, who was born in Berlin and bears a slight resemblance to Drew Barrymore, told the glossy magazine Tempo in a recent cover story that modern women could learn a lot of things from (her character) Hurrem, “the most important being strategy. If you have those kinds of skills, you can get whatever you want.”


  9. keeptalkinggreece

    good for her and hurrem :p