Athens: Protests Outside TV Station Against Turkish Series

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 Members from seven associations held a protest outside the offices of private broadcaster ANT1 in Marousi, Athens, against Turkish TV-series broadcast in prime time.

Organisations of refugees from Asia Minor and Istanbul but also from Cyprus gathered outside ANT1 at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, on the anniversary of the national Day of 28. October 1940.

Holding banners and Greek flags the protesters  channted slogans and sang the National Anthem.

“When I turn the TV on and see Suleiman, I recall that I lost my grandfather during the Smyrna disaster. I feel like smashing my TV,” Christos Kazos, Chairman of Asia Minor Association told life-style portal

Since a year or so, Greek channels started to broadcast en mass Turkish TV-series, because they were cheaper to buy than to create own productions. Due to economic crisis. There have been times, when Greeks had no other choice than to watch TV-series in evening prime time.

A fact that disturbed a number of Greeks who have been suffering from traumas of the Greek-Turkish past.

Not to mention the ‘bombardment’ by an old-fashioned culture full of forbidden love affairs, mafia relations and intrigues, moustached patriarchs and village women with head gear.  All nicely wrapped in luxurious Bollywood-style villas a suffocating social structure.

PS however I wouldn’t exclude some political motive in this protest.