Berlin: Students Verbally Attack Ex PM Papandreou (video)

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The prime minister who took Greece to IMF had an unpleasant surprise in Berlin. While he was enjoying dinner in a restaurant in Berlin, a group of Greek students stormed in and started to verbally attack him.

“Shame on you!”, “You ridiculed the country!”, “You eat with people’s money!”, “Go, eat and drink, we’ve paid!” the angry students shouted at Papandreou.


Αποδοκιμασίες κατά Παπανδρέου σε εστιατόριο του… από allthewebnews

The confrontation between Papandreou and students was accidental. the students were visiting a bar next to the restaurant, when one of them saw the ex PM sitting in the restaurant and called on his friends to protest.

According to (via Proto Thema) two of the students were from patras and one of them shot the video spreading it across the internet.

The incident was confirmed by Papandreou’s aides in Athens. Private Skai TV reported that Papandreou’s aides claimed that he  had invited the students to sit down and talk with him and that the public applauded him when the incident was over.

No, nobody claimed that the non-Greek speaking German restaurant visitors who applauded Papandreou also asked for an autograph …

Papandreou was elected as MP at June 2012 elections, but he is currently either teaching in Harvard university, or giving a lecture somewhere else in the world.

Why on earth Greeks keep paying him his MP-salary and benefits when he is hardly in the country, is one of the many wonders of this blessed country called Greece.

PS for those insisting to know everything: The restaurant was offering Thai kitchen.