Greece in Governance Black-Out: PASOK & DEMLEFT Disagree with Samaras “Negotiation with Troika Completed”

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Coalition partner and leader of PASOK, Evangelos Venizelos was angered over PM’s Samaras statement that the negotiation with the Troika has been completed, considering the negotiation has to continue until short before the Eurogroup meeting. With PASOK’s reaction and Democratic Left insisting in not voting for the labour rights ‘reforms’, the Greek coalition government seems to desperately seeking …its balance.

According to website, Venizelos said that Samaras’ statement is “undermining and indecent.”

In a harsh statement issued by PASOK short after Samaras’ statement, Venizelos said:

“A statement of the kind that ‘the government did what it could and, whoever wants keep the pace’ while the parliamentary group of PASOK is holding a meeting is at least unlucky.”

Accusing Samaras of “inexperience” in issues of “national responsibility and crisis management,” PASOK said that Samaras’ apparently meant the conclusion of negotiations with the Troika, while there is still space for negotiations until a) the voting of the package and the budget in the Greek parliament and b)  the Eurogroup meeting on November 12/2012 as the issues of “debt sustainability, bailout extension,  social and development measures are still open.”

“The crucial political part of the negotiation is not only over but it is full developing. We call on the government to do its best to exploit all national forces , to target the best possible result until the end of the crucial eurogroup meeting.”

PASOK believes that negotiation has to continue on political level with the country’s institutional partners (EU/EZ member-states, European Commission, IMF and ECB).

During PASOK parliamentary group meeting 2-3 MPs have apparently declared that they will not vote for the austerity package. PASOK has 33 seats in the parliament, Samaras Nea Dimocratia 127, and the bills need 151 votes.

Meanwhile, also junio coalition partner Democratic Left issued a statement saying it does not agree with cocnlusion of negotiations:

“Greece’s junior coalition partner Democratic Left on Tuesday issued a statement saying that it is «not in agreement» with the conclusion of negotiations between the New Democracy-led government and the Troika.

«Democratic Left has fought for labor relations with specific arguments in order to protect already weakened labor rights,» the statement said. «We are not in agreement with the conclusion of the negotiations.» (ekathimerini)

PS what kind of coalition government is this, when the Prime Minister makes an announcement without previously brief his partners? One of the Greek kind…