Greek PM Samaras’ New Old Dilemma: Measures or Chaos

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Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras issued a statement on Thusrday noon saying the negotiation with the Troika has been completed. Samaras announced that Greece has completed the austerity measures of 13.5 billion euro and the budget for 2013, two preconditions for the debt-ridden country to receive the loan tranche of 31 billion euro.

In a kind of dramatic tone reminding the last words of a captain ordering passengers and sailors to abandon the sinking ship, Samaras said “We did everything possible. We exhausted all possibilities and time pressures.” -children and women, first!

Below, the PM statement:

” Today we completed the negotiation for the measures and the budget.  We did everything we could. We exhausted all possibilities and time pressures. We achieved significant improvements, even at the last minute … Once this agreement is being approved and the budget is being voted, Greece will remain in the euro. And it will exit the crisis.

Apart from the agreement, I already try that Greece is given more than 31 billion euros in order to have a significant effect on the real economy. The problem from now on is not this or that measure … The problem is exactly the opposite: what could happen, if the agreement does not pass and the country is lead to chaos. And how much more painful such a development would be for all the Greek people.  Economically and – even worse – politically. These risks should be avoided. And therefore  it is now up to the responsibility of all parties and of each MP individually. “

For those who did not quite understand:

Samaras said that the austerity package and the budget have to be voted by the parliament and that if MPs won’t do that, Greece will exit the euro and we will experience the chaos. But that he tries as well to secure more money for the real economy through the ESM funding.

Samaras’ junion partner Democratic Left has repeatedly said that it will not vote for the labour rights ‘reforms’ chapter of the agreement.

However partner PASOK said that it will vote for the measures.

Samaras alone has  127 seats in the Parliament, together with PASOK 160 seats. The two bills need to pass with 151 votes. Even if some Samaras’ and Venizelos’ MPs refuse to do so, it should be considered as certain that the bills will pass.

…that the country will stay in the euro and the average Greek most possible will think “Whew… chaos avoided, austerity, unemployment and other sh** remain.”

Been there, seen that and thus several times since the country sought the international aid in May 2010.

PS hopefully we won’t hear again the word ‘effort’. Which we have been hearing 10 times/day on 24/7 since this government took office last June.