Bank of Greece Shocked as 30-40 Officials Resign to Bypass Wages & Pensions Cuts

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Thirty to forty high-ranking officials at the Bank of Greece have reportedly resigned in order to escape upcoming wages cuts. According to and Proto Thema, the majority of the resigned bank officials have founded ‘right to pension’ and chose to resign in order to avoid the upcoming wages and pensions cuts.

The new regulations approved by the government in the bill about privatizations foresee a cap on the wages of managers/officials of the banking sector and the state-run enterprises (DEKO), determining the highest monthly wage at 2.900 euro per month net or 5,000 euro per month gross.

Here is to note, that the cap refers only to wages and not to extras, bonuses and other privileges officials at the state banks and state-run enterprises enjoy.

What? 5,000 euro per month gross while the country is falling apart, the state pockets are empty, the social cohesion is falling apart and low-incomers are seeking soup kitchens to feed their children? 2,900 euro per month net, when the minimum wage also for a university graduate is 500-580 euro per month gross?

I do not want to even think of the pensions these people receive.

PS the moral of the news? Golden boys and girls are still around in this troubled country 🙁