Greek Bishop Takes “Corpus Christi” Theater Group to Court for Blasphemy

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 The actors and the Greek-Albanian director of the “Corpus Christi” theater performance will be tried for blasphemy after a complaint filed by Bishop of Piraeus Seraphim. The artists face criminal charges of insulting religion and malicious blasphemy. District Attorney of Athens prosecutes the troupe after the lawsuit of Bishop of Piraeus who claims ‘religion is being insulted’.

According to TA NEA, the bishop had filed the lawsuit accompanied by MPs of extreme-right Golden Dawn.

State broadcaster NET reported that the dictrict attorney has already taken testimonies by those complaining and that he watched a video of the performance.

At the same time, no progress has been made of the preliminary examination on the riots outside the theater staged by members of religious organisations and members of Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi).

The troupe was obliged to bow to the unprescedented pressure by above groups protesting outside the theater on a  daily basis.

PS are we slowly get a fragance of Iran and a touch of Russia?