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US Embassy Issues Travel Safety Advise Over Racist Attacks in Greece

US Embassy in Athens updated its safety and security information on Friday raising the awareness of US citizens of African, Asian, Hispanic or Middle Eastern descent. The American diplomatic mission explained the update with ‘unprovoked harassment and violent attacks against person perceived as foreign migrants.’

US Embassy Excerpt:

Security Message 16. Nov 2012

The U.S. Embassy informs U.S. citizens that the “Threats To Safety and Security” section of the Greece Country Specific Information page has been updated to inform U.S. citizens of a rise in unprovoked harassment and violent attacks against persons who, because of their complexion, are perceived to be foreign migrants. U.S. citizens most at risk are those of African, Asian, Hispanic, or Middle Eastern descent in Athens and other major cities. Please review the Country Specific Information for Greece.

We encourage all U.S. citizens to review their personal security plans; remain aware of their surroundings, including local events; monitor local news stations for updates; and report specific incidences of targeted violence to the U.S. Embassy in Athens or the U. S. Consulate General in Thessaloniki at the numbers below. U.S. citizens should maintain a high level of vigilance and take appropriate steps to enhance their personal security. For additional information, please refer to “A Safe Trip Abroad.” (Full Text here)

Furthermore the US-Embassy warned American citizens of the protest rally on Saturday, November 17, gave telephones numbers, where its citizens can report cases of racist attack.

Prompt was the answer by Greek Foreign Ministry with spokesman Grigoris Delavekouras issuing a statement saying:

“Greece is and remain a safe country. It is a state of law where every citizen or visitor enjoys the protection of law. The isolated incidents of racist violence are foreign to Greeks, to our culture and the long tradition of Greek hospitality.

The state and the Ministry of Citizen Protection follow a policy of zero tolerance to such phenomena and takes all necessary measures to prevent and combat such behaviour that we categorically condemn.” (FM statement)

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  1. see KTG!! Our US Embassy didn’t want to be left out for the protesters having something to protest again. Why they couldn’t wait til Monday to put out this warning? See, we are not feeling loved as Americans by the protesters since they are all too busy yelling at Germans. HEY! We Americans are still here and deserving of your wrath just as much sa the Germans (LOL)…

    But, in all seriousness, what they are saying is true, as even the Onasis foundation recently conducted a survey and research and 70% of Greeks are racist. Sad, but true.

    But, even with all that, I still love you Greeks (at least the 30% that are not racist) LOL, and I know that is you KTG right?

  2. I’m actually looking forward to the reactions of the locals when my loud half black/half white, beautiful British niece comes over in summer – if they are not thrown by her looks they will certainly have something to say about her clothes (or lack of!). After that visit I await my sister and her half black boyfriend – who is built like a brick ‘s**t’ house and I dare the local supporters of Golden Dawn (of which there are around 2500 in Preveza!!!) to even try to approach him. It’s going to be a fun summer.

  3. 70% racists? do you have any link?

  4. really awful stage of a country when people make thoughts and worries about visitors to come.

  5. Hi KTG, yep, here’s the link from Kathimerini. But, of course, I must preface that with all surveys, one never knows if it’s true, but coming from the Onasis foundation, I’d assume it’s pretty accurate..

  6. HI Asimenia,

    Don’t say that because just recently the Golden Dawn was questioning one of the toughest Greeks on the planet, AKA Baby Shaq, Big Sofo, the Definitely Greek as Greek can be, Sofoklis Schortsanitis.

  7. giaoýrti giaoyrtáki

    How’s about a little conspiracy? Just like in December 2008 something is needed to turn the tv-eyes away. Last time it was the Greek riots after the police murdering Alexandros Grigoropolous and now it’s the aftermath of the European general strike (or at least all the “little” ugly stories of police-brutality to keep reported only local) that they bomb Gaza.

  8. giaoýrti giaoyrtáki

    So, today some thousands want to report violence but the embassy is closed.

  9. What do they think Giaoyrti?? That they are living in the movie Zardoz in some some apocalyptic time?